Save Endangered Species

Forests offer a home to most plants and animals. I used Sumatran Rhino in this painting to raise the concern for deforestation, along with the endangered animals that…

White Tiger of Peace

I was born in 2010, a Tiger year. The zodiac sign Tiger is a symbol of strength,  braveness  and exorcising evils. In Chinese legend, white tiger only appears when…

We need more Love than Power

As a P6 student growing up in Singapore, my world is full of harmony and peace. Everyone around me always look out for each other and we often…

My First Art Channel – Young Artists’ Studio

I love art, I love sharing. Hence, the birth of my first channel – Young Artists’ Studio. This is a platform for like-minded artists to inspire each other…

Salute to Our Community Heroes

Covid-19 outbreak has had a devastating impact on society and my family. This pandemic has taught me how to value our loved ones and things we usually take for granted. My grandfather…

The Ladder of Life

“You cannot push any one up a ladder unless he or she be willing to climb a little himself or herself.“ Life is a journey of Courage, Endurance,…

Always look at things from a new, higher perspective.

Eagle is a symbol for great strength, leadership and vision. Do not accept the status quo, but rather reach higher and become more than you believe you are…

The Power of Spider

Just watched Spider-Man No Way Home with my family. Everything started with a bite from a radioactive spider  

Pursuit of Balance

Technology is changing the way we live. Imagination has no boundaries. In our future world, eco-friendly buildings are designed in futuristic architecture and spaceships operated by clean energy…


Imagine an ocean without plastic and pollutions

Giving is Receiving

One day, it really melt my heart when a stray dog looked into my eyes after I gave him my food in a park. Right after I reached…

Catwalk @ Spring

Ready to revamp your look? The mood of the spring catwalk was optimistic, this time designer Jade embraced punchy colors and punky pattern.

Swing alone

In the memory of my primary schoolmate Emma who was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2021. Her will to live is an inspiring force that will stay with…


A unicorn is a legendary and mythical creature. It looks like a pony with one long, single and white horn on its head. Unicorns are found in many…

Inner peace

My mum favorite quote “Happy people build their inner world, unhappy people blame their outer world.”

Eyes tell what words can’t

I love to draw eyes as eyes can tell you a lot about a person’s emotional state.


There are about 5,000 different species of ladybugs in the world. These much loved critters are also known as lady beetles or ladybird beetles.

Art Technics Practices

Practice makes perfect, still far from perfect. Keep trying!

Sketching Technics Practices

Some of my early sketching, lot of rooms to improve

7 Elements of Art

With Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture, Value, Color, you can express anything that better than words sometimes.