Technology is changing the way we live. Imagination has no boundaries. In our future world, eco-friendly buildings are designed in futuristic architecture and spaceships operated by clean energy can be seen everywhere. Human life becomes much more convenient. Commuters can easily hop on to the air taxi wherever they want, and time travel is possible. Every day, robot dogs will patrol the city to prevent crime and some of them even become the best friends to mankind. However, as the Planet Earth continue to evolve, we often trade off nature for our own desires. In the picture, the cat looks very lost and lonely standing on top of a chopped tree trunk. In my opinion, everything has two sides. While we are progressing towards a better life, should also minimize the impact to animals and nature. As a P6 student, I really look forward to witnessing the progress of our future world with our environment in mind.

I used a combination of dry and wet media to show the contrast of the future world.

  • 2B and 4B graphite pencils are used with blending and sketching techniques. Lighter shades to make the castle looks furthest in the background. I chose watercolor for the sky to enhance the visual experience for the readers.
  • I used oil markers and techniques like cross hatching to create shadow and depth of the spaceships.
  • For the cat and the chopped trunks, I chose pastel brown color to represent loneliness and helplessness. It is also to spotlight the isolation of the cat in contrast with the metallic silver color highlights the emotionless of the robotic dog.