As a P6 student growing up in Singapore, my world is full of harmony and peace. Everyone around me always look out for each other and we often take safety and peace for granted. It is beyond my imagination that there is a cruel war ongoing somewhere in the world until I come cross the war between Russia- Ukraine in one of the local news. More than 6 million refugees have already fled the country and 6.5 million internally displaced in Ukraine due to war.

My Heart sank, I have never been to both countries and I couldn’t understand the history between them. I just feel if my home is destroyed, fires are everywhere and my parent is required to fight for their lives every second. I am not sure if it is too much for me to handle it.

Therefore, I decided to draw put one of the heart-breaking scenes (a wife bidding farewell to her husband in a war zone) into an artwork and would also like to bring across the message that we need more love than power. More understanding than confrontation.

I know my fund-raising campaign influence may be minor, but I hope to create an awareness to more people around the globe that sometime we just need more love in the world. Please spread love to Ukraine or donate through below link